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Rage Away

May 22, 2010

My brother, Thomas Daly's first book


It is safe to say that growing up in a military family has certainly impacted my views on life. When I spoke to my brother, the author of his new book Rage Company, for the first time after his six month deployment to Ramadi, he told me to quit complaining about my life and realize that innocent people were currently being killed over seas. I gaped back at him, unsure of what to say  and embarrassed about stressing over a debacle I now can’t even remember. So yes, it is very easy for me to say that Thomas’ company was accurately named Rage, and with good reason. In his story about befriending innocent Iraqis to fight against the Al Qaeda he presents emotions of fear, strength and passion  to replay the battles he struggled while attempting to save the innocent lives of others. All the while, he was making Ramadi one of the safest places in Iraq. Considering that during Thomas’ deployment Ramadi was one of the most infested cities with Al Qaeda, he obviously did his job well. His description of deployment is full of raging battle scenes, suspenseful missions and it gives  a glimpse into the life of a Marine Corps Officer risking everything he’s ever known to make a difference in the world.


Purdue’s Womens Golf Team Wins NCAAs!

May 22, 2010

Wow, congratulations to Purdue’s women’s golf team of 2010 for winning Nationals! What an amazing feat. I am genuinely excited for the boilers and their achieved goals. What an accomplishment! The championship took place in Wilmington, N.C where the boilermakers won by one stroke over University of Southern California. The women’s team was only ranked seventh going into the championship but scored a 295 in the final round to finish one-over par, setting a new Purdue school record for  72 holes. Individual standings for Purdue were Maude-Aimee Leblanc tying for third, Laura Gonzales tying for 21st and Thea Hoffmeister tying for 67th. Congrats ladies!

For more information on Purdue’s Golf team and other team sports visit:

Virginia Lacross Teams– Too Soon To Play?

May 22, 2010

Was the continuation of the UVA Women’s Lacrosse team into the National championship a good idea? As a collegiate athlete, I would find that the difficulty of staying mentally focused  while subconsciously crying about the death of my teammate would be too hard to handle… It is understandable that the team thought playing at Nationals was what Yeardley Love would have wanted them to do, but was it in the teams best interest, or simply the money and recognition the school would receive for attending NCAAs? As quoted from the women’s coach to an ESPN reporter, “continuing to play would be therapeutic”. But how? Don’t her closest friends need time to deny, cry, be angry and eventually accept the loss of a girl they once considered their sister? I understand that now that the season is over they have the time to enter their five stages of grief, but how is that fair to pressure a group of girls that are already in the most stressful time of the school year, finals week, to play  emotionally and physically draining championship games after a death? It is obvious to all athletes that when you are not mentally present during a competition you will not perform at your best, so what was the point in playing? All it did was bring disappointment to a team that frankly could not handle anymore. I understand that the players probably wanted to play considering they trained all year for this moment, but there was a major bump in the road in their season. I think someone should have been mature enough in this situation to make them take a pit stop and tell them too start fresh  next year.

Midgets, Strippers, Illegal Aliens and More…

May 22, 2010

This book is the epitome if knee slapping, belly-laugh out loud funny. If you’ve ever caught Chelsea Handler’s crude, rude and hilarious show on E!, Chelsea Lately, this book is  even more orgasmic, literally. Her cheeky remarks always  put her in a.. ahem… pickle, and continuously leave her spread eagle, horizontal and with the most interesting men. After quickly accepting her carefree ” I say what I want and do what I want” personality, I began to feel like her long-lost partner in crime. Her true life experiences made me sad I didn’t have this much humor in my life! After finishing it I immediately googled her comedy tour, taped re runs of her shows and began following her on twitter. I loved her perception of not taking things too seriously, grabbing life by your girdle and just holding on for the ride.

“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

May 22, 2010

 If you are a looking for a fantastic book that you cannot put down, this is a MUST read. My sister-in-law gave me this book a year ago  but unfortunately I am a victim of judging a book by its cover too often. Despite all its reviews I  thought this story-line came across as a controversial too political story for me, and for some reason I stuck my nose up to it and never read it. I didn’t come across it until I found myself twiddling my thumbs out of boredom last week and decided to give it a go. This story completely moved me. My conscious was wreaking havoc while reading it, I simply could not put it down.  Its perspective on the life of african americans in rural Mississippi during the 1950’s-60’s was unreal to me. It was a history book in a catchy, witty and fictional form. I love reading about experiences from the civil war and the hardships people faced, but this book blew me away. Stockett’s ability to not only write about but perfectly capture the bitterness in black women from their treacherous lifestyles they were forced to endure made me look at the “About the Author” section and was shocked to see she was a young white woman and not an older, experienced african american. The heart ache conveyed in this novel brought out a desire within me to  go back in time and be the Skeeter (the Glenda the good witch of the story), the savior, the one who had made such a difference in not just one persons life, but an entire community’s.  I tip not only my hat, but my entire wardrobe off to this magnificent author.

This Season’s Fashions

May 21, 2010

Well Summer is here and so is its many selection of styles! This season a major fashion trend is the “outfit in one” look. The divided dresses where the top and bottom seem to be separate but are actually joined gives a sundress a very cute and babydoll style. The top is most commonly found in a solid color while the skirt portion is filled with stripes, designs or polka dots. I have invested in a similar more casual form of this dress, but beware because many of them appear too girlish for college aged girls! I would also recommend not purchasing one at Abercrombie and Hollister unless you are looking for the Snookie factor, because they seemed to have forgotten an extra three inches of material for girls taller than 5 feet! Another semi-cute yet debatable fashion for this summer is the “Romper”. It is a surfwear inspired outfit that is shaped like a dress but has shorts. Personally I find this outfit somewhat unattractive especially when not worn properly, but there is potential if you avoid specific hazards! The back of the Romper dress really shows off the ROMP and displays obvious signs of a weggie. The fitting of this dress, which can be found at Nordstrom for $49.50, has a little too high of a waistline for my taste. BEWARE: This would NOT be my first pick of an outfit when feeling slightly bloated or just finished eating! The front portion leaves damaging signs of a Fupa, even if you don’t have one! And I hoped we got rid of the mile long butt look after Levi’s was forced to change their jeans in the 90’s but I guess I was wrong. If you are a curve-less lady and enjoy the look of baggier clothes, or simply must have this season’s Romper, make sure to get one in a size or two larger to avoid clinginess to unwanted areas and a weggie-free look on your rear-end!

Summer Shoes

May 21, 2010

Well it appears that designers have finally gotten the strappy sandal non-jesus look down! This summer there are many more adorable selections in the shoe department than last year. There are much fewer over-strapped brown thongs and more bejeweled beauties that show off a feminine look without giving it an 80o B.c feel. I love the Naughty Monkey “slim gem” featured to the left with its girlish yet comfortable fit. I am all about fashionable comfort, and Nordstroms selection this season is abundant in it! Another great comfortable shoe I always love are the Sperry top-siders.

Very Sperry


This adorable wedge heel is beyond comfortable and adorable for stylish summer days, and that says a lot coming from a person who usually sticks to flats. But its not just this heel by Sperry that I love, I would recommend any Sperry whether its leather loafers or they’re flip flops. These shoes always mold to your foot and give a refreshing, cushiony feeling of comfort no matter what occasion you wear them for.