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Whole Foods for a Good Mood

June 1, 2010

As I walked into the Whole Foods Market off Dale Mabry Blvd in South Tampa I felt like I had walked into a food Utopia. My shopping experience was unlike any other. Gorgeous, unpasteurized and healthy-for-you foods lured me into every isle. Everything was new to me. I had never seen so many new types and forms of food. The main appeal to me was the pre-made dinner section. There was a petite restaurant within the grocery shop which surpassed that of Publix’s mini sub shop and their lack of sushi options. I was overwhelmed by the fresh fruits, vegan dishes, delicious sandwiches (Croque Monsieur & other gourmet cheese/meat options), fresh fish, tacos and more. They sold every type of food you could possibly crave, all pre made AND healthy. I had to wipe the saliva off my chin multiple times within the twenty minutes it took me to decide which food option I would have to choose, eliminating a million other delectable items. I decided on a coconut curry soup with a “Normandy” sandwhich ( brie cheese on a french baguette with turkey, ham and honey mustard). I felt pround for experimenting with other food cultures and new recipes as I carried my dinner to a gorgeous outdoor patio which was surrounded by a mini garden section, flowers, bushes and tables for eating. I wanted to branch out even more, trying the vegan chilli, homemade organic tart or sauteed vegetable platter, but I felt my Indian soup and French sandwich would hold me over until my next outing (possibly tomorrow) to continue my new found love for Whole Foods.

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