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Goucher and Radcliffe Both Expecting!

May 24, 2010

Well not only are two of my top running idols pregnant, but they are due on the exact same day! Kara Goucher, a 32- year old all american and olympian who ran her first marathon last year against Paula Radcliffe went to Paula for guidance on how to maintain her elite fitness while experiencing pregnancy for the first time. Paula, a 36 year old brithish olympian marathoner ironically found out a few days after speaking to Kara that she was expecting her second child! The elite runners then decided to get together and run tempos, workouts and  easy runs together through out their first trimester. Kara began experiencing more fatigue than Paula and was unable to do as high of mileage, but still  learned tips on when to stop running too hard, to run without a watch (aka without pressure) and to understand and accept that she will still be able to compete in the 2012 olympics. Paula also helped Goucher with her nutrition, advising her to eat more  before lifting weights and doing workouts. They are both planning to run a NYC women’s 10k on June 12th. Goucher says they are running it for fun, giving them a last chance to get together and have a good time before they are too pregnant too travel. I’m so excited for both of them and even more excited to see how their recovery from pregnancy goes when it comes time to get in elite shape again for the 2012 olympics!

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