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A Fresh & Guiltless Desert

May 24, 2010

Caliyogurt is by far my most guiltless and tasteful pleasure when it comes to food. The frozen yogurt trend hit Tampa about three years ago and was a huge success. About four frozen yogurt companies opened in the metropolitan area but caliyogurt stole my heart, and tastebuds, from the start. The second I walked into the yogurt store I was struck by its modern feel. The walls were strikingly white and were textured like waves, making me feel as if I had walked inside a peppermint. The high modern tables with curvy, stylish chairs made me even more excited to experiment the new health trend. I’m not going to lie, I was rather skeptical at trying this wanna-be ice cream. I was also deterred that there were only three flavors to choose from: green tea, plain and strawberry. I was used to chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon, birthday cake and french vanilla. But its real ingredients are what separated caliyogurt from the other desert trends. Upon my decision of getting a small plain, I was asked to pick a topping of either fresh fruit or candies. I decided to go all out and opted for blueberries and strawberries. The second I sat on my stylish stool and let the yogurt melt in my mouth was the beginning of a fabulous relationship. The yogurt was true to its name– it was no where near tasting like ice cream. It had an icey, slightly bitter but remarkably fresh taste. The fruit on top was what made it above and beyond. I have since tried topping it with oreos or chocolate chips to only be dissappointed: if you want a guilty pleasure, go elsewhere. The fresh fruit compliments this 150 calorie indulgent. And what makes it even better, theres no artifical sweetners. It is pure yogurt.

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