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Virginia Lacross Teams– Too Soon To Play?

May 22, 2010

Was the continuation of the UVA Women’s Lacrosse team into the National championship a good idea? As a collegiate athlete, I would find that the difficulty of staying mentally focused  while subconsciously crying about the death of my teammate would be too hard to handle… It is understandable that the team thought playing at Nationals was what Yeardley Love would have wanted them to do, but was it in the teams best interest, or simply the money and recognition the school would receive for attending NCAAs? As quoted from the women’s coach to an ESPN reporter, “continuing to play would be therapeutic”. But how? Don’t her closest friends need time to deny, cry, be angry and eventually accept the loss of a girl they once considered their sister? I understand that now that the season is over they have the time to enter their five stages of grief, but how is that fair to pressure a group of girls that are already in the most stressful time of the school year, finals week, to play  emotionally and physically draining championship games after a death? It is obvious to all athletes that when you are not mentally present during a competition you will not perform at your best, so what was the point in playing? All it did was bring disappointment to a team that frankly could not handle anymore. I understand that the players probably wanted to play considering they trained all year for this moment, but there was a major bump in the road in their season. I think someone should have been mature enough in this situation to make them take a pit stop and tell them too start fresh  next year.

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