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“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

May 22, 2010

 If you are a looking for a fantastic book that you cannot put down, this is a MUST read. My sister-in-law gave me this book a year ago  but unfortunately I am a victim of judging a book by its cover too often. Despite all its reviews I  thought this story-line came across as a controversial too political story for me, and for some reason I stuck my nose up to it and never read it. I didn’t come across it until I found myself twiddling my thumbs out of boredom last week and decided to give it a go. This story completely moved me. My conscious was wreaking havoc while reading it, I simply could not put it down.  Its perspective on the life of african americans in rural Mississippi during the 1950’s-60’s was unreal to me. It was a history book in a catchy, witty and fictional form. I love reading about experiences from the civil war and the hardships people faced, but this book blew me away. Stockett’s ability to not only write about but perfectly capture the bitterness in black women from their treacherous lifestyles they were forced to endure made me look at the “About the Author” section and was shocked to see she was a young white woman and not an older, experienced african american. The heart ache conveyed in this novel brought out a desire within me to  go back in time and be the Skeeter (the Glenda the good witch of the story), the savior, the one who had made such a difference in not just one persons life, but an entire community’s.  I tip not only my hat, but my entire wardrobe off to this magnificent author.

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