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This Season’s Fashions

May 21, 2010

Well Summer is here and so is its many selection of styles! This season a major fashion trend is the “outfit in one” look. The divided dresses where the top and bottom seem to be separate but are actually joined gives a sundress a very cute and babydoll style. The top is most commonly found in a solid color while the skirt portion is filled with stripes, designs or polka dots. I have invested in a similar more casual form of this dress, but beware because many of them appear too girlish for college aged girls! I would also recommend not purchasing one at Abercrombie and Hollister unless you are looking for the Snookie factor, because they seemed to have forgotten an extra three inches of material for girls taller than 5 feet! Another semi-cute yet debatable fashion for this summer is the “Romper”. It is a surfwear inspired outfit that is shaped like a dress but has shorts. Personally I find this outfit somewhat unattractive especially when not worn properly, but there is potential if you avoid specific hazards! The back of the Romper dress really shows off the ROMP and displays obvious signs of a weggie. The fitting of this dress, which can be found at Nordstrom for $49.50, has a little too high of a waistline for my taste. BEWARE: This would NOT be my first pick of an outfit when feeling slightly bloated or just finished eating! The front portion leaves damaging signs of a Fupa, even if you don’t have one! And I hoped we got rid of the mile long butt look after Levi’s was forced to change their jeans in the 90’s but I guess I was wrong. If you are a curve-less lady and enjoy the look of baggier clothes, or simply must have this season’s Romper, make sure to get one in a size or two larger to avoid clinginess to unwanted areas and a weggie-free look on your rear-end!

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