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Summer Shoes

May 21, 2010

Well it appears that designers have finally gotten the strappy sandal non-jesus look down! This summer there are many more adorable selections in the shoe department than last year. There are much fewer over-strapped brown thongs and more bejeweled beauties that show off a feminine look without giving it an 80o B.c feel. I love the Naughty Monkey “slim gem” featured to the left with its girlish yet comfortable fit. I am all about fashionable comfort, and Nordstroms selection this season is abundant in it! Another great comfortable shoe I always love are the Sperry top-siders.

Very Sperry


This adorable wedge heel is beyond comfortable and adorable for stylish summer days, and that says a lot coming from a person who usually sticks to flats. But its not just this heel by Sperry that I love, I would recommend any Sperry whether its leather loafers or they’re flip flops. These shoes always mold to your foot and give a refreshing, cushiony feeling of comfort no matter what occasion you wear them for.

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