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Did Lance REALLY Win Seven Tour de France Titles?

May 21, 2010


Lance Armstrong After his 7th Win

 Lance Armstrong’s seven wins of the Tour de France is quite a feat, especially if he wasn’t using enhancement drugs. Of course I want to believe that Lance really did defeat the odds by beating cancer and setting a world record, but it seems to me that the cycling world is just full of dopers. Well, in reality, every professional sport is. So what makes Lance any different? We’ve all been disappointed by idols Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Marian Jones etc etc.  And, if Floyd and Lance both won by doping and everyone else is doping too, aren’t they still  the best anyway?  Look at the shame Floyd Landis felt during the video of him on the podium that is currently on ESPN replay. His face just LOOKS guilty. What is the point in cheating when you are always going to get caught and subconsciously feel like crap anyways?

I read Lance’s books and he describes the obsessive amounts of times he was drug tested, people doing anything they could to catch this champion in the act of fraud. Somehow,he didn’t fail one. So how is it that Landis got caught and Lance never did? Is Landis that big of a dummy to not cover up his drug using traces the same way Lance possibly does seeing how he’s always clean? Or is he just trying to bring Lance down with him, disappointed and unnerved that a non-doper is actually better than his cheating self ? It’s tough to tell. I want to LiveStrong and believe that determination and hard work really do pay off, but I don’t feel like getting my hopes up and believing in someone that will most likely let me down.

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