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Whole Foods for a Good Mood

June 1, 2010

As I walked into the Whole Foods Market off Dale Mabry Blvd in South Tampa I felt like I had walked into a food Utopia. My shopping experience was unlike any other. Gorgeous, unpasteurized and healthy-for-you foods lured me into every isle. Everything was new to me. I had never seen so many new types and forms of food. The main appeal to me was the pre-made dinner section. There was a petite restaurant within the grocery shop which surpassed that of Publix’s mini sub shop and their lack of sushi options. I was overwhelmed by the fresh fruits, vegan dishes, delicious sandwiches (Croque Monsieur & other gourmet cheese/meat options), fresh fish, tacos and more. They sold every type of food you could possibly crave, all pre made AND healthy. I had to wipe the saliva off my chin multiple times within the twenty minutes it took me to decide which food option I would have to choose, eliminating a million other delectable items. I decided on a coconut curry soup with a “Normandy” sandwhich ( brie cheese on a french baguette with turkey, ham and honey mustard). I felt pround for experimenting with other food cultures and new recipes as I carried my dinner to a gorgeous outdoor patio which was surrounded by a mini garden section, flowers, bushes and tables for eating. I wanted to branch out even more, trying the vegan chilli, homemade organic tart or sauteed vegetable platter, but I felt my Indian soup and French sandwich would hold me over until my next outing (possibly tomorrow) to continue my new found love for Whole Foods.


Fabulous Fashion- Sex & the City Premier

May 24, 2010

I absolutely adore the Sex & the City dvds and first movie!  I will be first in line at the Ybor city box office on May 27th ordering a cosmo and propping my feet up, ready for a fun night of fashion! Looking at the outfits the four leading ladies wore to the premier I am already certain that I will not be disappointed. SJP’s gorgeous yellow gown is by far my favorite of the four, but all of them of course looked glamorous. I’ve been saving up some spare cash for this weekend because I know I’ll be hitting up Nordstrom & Neimans following the premier to update my wardrobe!

A Fresh & Guiltless Desert

May 24, 2010

Caliyogurt is by far my most guiltless and tasteful pleasure when it comes to food. The frozen yogurt trend hit Tampa about three years ago and was a huge success. About four frozen yogurt companies opened in the metropolitan area but caliyogurt stole my heart, and tastebuds, from the start. The second I walked into the yogurt store I was struck by its modern feel. The walls were strikingly white and were textured like waves, making me feel as if I had walked inside a peppermint. The high modern tables with curvy, stylish chairs made me even more excited to experiment the new health trend. I’m not going to lie, I was rather skeptical at trying this wanna-be ice cream. I was also deterred that there were only three flavors to choose from: green tea, plain and strawberry. I was used to chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon, birthday cake and french vanilla. But its real ingredients are what separated caliyogurt from the other desert trends. Upon my decision of getting a small plain, I was asked to pick a topping of either fresh fruit or candies. I decided to go all out and opted for blueberries and strawberries. The second I sat on my stylish stool and let the yogurt melt in my mouth was the beginning of a fabulous relationship. The yogurt was true to its name– it was no where near tasting like ice cream. It had an icey, slightly bitter but remarkably fresh taste. The fruit on top was what made it above and beyond. I have since tried topping it with oreos or chocolate chips to only be dissappointed: if you want a guilty pleasure, go elsewhere. The fresh fruit compliments this 150 calorie indulgent. And what makes it even better, theres no artifical sweetners. It is pure yogurt.

Goucher and Radcliffe Both Expecting!

May 24, 2010

Well not only are two of my top running idols pregnant, but they are due on the exact same day! Kara Goucher, a 32- year old all american and olympian who ran her first marathon last year against Paula Radcliffe went to Paula for guidance on how to maintain her elite fitness while experiencing pregnancy for the first time. Paula, a 36 year old brithish olympian marathoner ironically found out a few days after speaking to Kara that she was expecting her second child! The elite runners then decided to get together and run tempos, workouts and  easy runs together through out their first trimester. Kara began experiencing more fatigue than Paula and was unable to do as high of mileage, but still  learned tips on when to stop running too hard, to run without a watch (aka without pressure) and to understand and accept that she will still be able to compete in the 2012 olympics. Paula also helped Goucher with her nutrition, advising her to eat more  before lifting weights and doing workouts. They are both planning to run a NYC women’s 10k on June 12th. Goucher says they are running it for fun, giving them a last chance to get together and have a good time before they are too pregnant too travel. I’m so excited for both of them and even more excited to see how their recovery from pregnancy goes when it comes time to get in elite shape again for the 2012 olympics!

Purdue Softball Player Paralyzed

May 23, 2010

Purdue All-American and record-breaking Softball player Liane Horiuchi was riding as a passenger in her teammate Kayla Yates car at 10:30 Friday night May 21st when they crashed into a utility pole near Brookston, Indiana. Two other friends were in the back seat, uninjured. Horiuchi was rushed to the hospital while unconscious for major spleen and pelvic issues, undergoing surgeries. Yates thankfully only suffered from minor head injuries. Unfortunately later today it was announced that Horiuchi is now paralyzed from the waist down. She is a Hawaiian native that transferred from Tennessee to Purdue to accomplish her goals in attending pharmacy school. Please have her in your thoughts and prayers.

Nike Ad- Write the Future

May 23, 2010




Get ready for this years world cup! Nike is already pumping up people all around the world with this awesome new soccer commercial featuring Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo an other motivated players that are ready to “just do it” and win for their country.

Heaven by the Slice

May 22, 2010

The aroma when you walk into a California Pizaa Kitchen restaurant is enough to cause salivating issues in itself, but eating a pizza there is on a whole other level. My staple at CPK has always been the tomato and basil pizza. This boring title for a pizza has enough flavor to send your tastebuds through the roof. Somehow theyve mastered the mixture of a strong mazzarella cheese and herbs to satisfy a usual pepperoni pizza picker. Seeing how CPK was where I had my first experience with a tomato and basil pizza I like to think I was pretty spoiled from the start. I have since ordered it at about three other restaurants, every time being completely let down with my meal and dying for a bite of my friends meat lovers choice instead. And speaking of Meatlovers, boy does CPK have a good pepperoni, sausage and ham combination as well. They’re crust is an optional white or wheat and no matter how un-hungry I am, I sometimes always  finish my own 12 inch pie.